18x24 Metal Picture Frame |Home decor ideas_ Tones Frame Design| 46X61 cm Puzzle Frame
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3 Color 18x24 Metal Picture Frame |  Poster Frame_Tones Frame Design
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Gold 46x61 cm Metal Picture Frame | Poster Frame
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18x24 Metal Poster Frame| 46x61 cm
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Grey Tones 46x61 cm  Metal Picture Frame | Puzzle Frame
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Gallery Frames - Black | Tones Frame Design
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18x24 Metal Gallery Frames | 46x61 cm
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Grey Tones 18x24 Metal Picture Frame | 46x61 cm Puzzle Frame
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Black Metal Frame 46x61 cm | TONES FRAME DESIGN
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18x24 Metal Poster Frame| 46x61 cm

  • Brushed aluminum photo frame
  • Extra depths on the inner edge to form a 3-Dimensional artistic sense
  • Protective tempered glass cover
  • The tiny lockers on the back of the frame
  • Display horizontally or vertically
  • BPA-Free
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Product description

18x24 Photo Frame, Tempered Glass Front



TONES FRAME DESIGN picture frame is made from lightweight aluminum making it sturdy, durable, and great for creating a sleek, modern look and is offered in durable powder-coated finish colors. Tiny turning buttons on the back of the frame make it easy to load or change pictures.


We stand behind our products and truly care that you love your artwork. Imagine, taking those amazing pictures of your life story and embellishing cherished memories you can share when you bring people into your beautiful home. Simply choose a frame and add it to your photos that can be hung vertically or horizontally, then enjoy the stunning results.


We offer standard size (5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 11x17, 12x12, 12x16, 14X18, 16x20, 18x24, Multi) picture frames to accommodate standard photo and print sizes. Just select your size and choose a frame, it's that easy.

Dedicated artisans and designers meticulously craft each home collection, fusing fashion and quality for unrivalled living.