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Empowered and productive community thanks to our holistic approach to designing home solutions that make a difference

We aim to provide premium and diverse home furnishings at affordable prices while focusing on meeting modern needs.

As an advocate for a tasteful life, we believe that wellness begins with the choices we make and are committed to ensuring that whatever they are, we get to bring a little different experience to the ordinary home environment.



While following the latest home/ lifestyle trends and design techniques, we continually adapt to current needs while adding a personal touch to achieve the right aesthetics.

Founded in January 2017, LivingTaste is a home furnishing company that creates high-quality products of the greatest designs. As dreamers, creators, innovators, and designers, we pride ourselves on providing the most efficient, practical, and affordable home solutions for modern-day living. By catering to all comforts, we seek to make every day smoother and manageable as you go about your daily activities.

LivingTaste is an integration of brands; Our collection comprises improved functional items as well as exquisite décor - an ideal combination that is set to enhance your living space and life.


Ensuring that our customers find the home products they need efficiently while guaranteeing the Ultimate Shopping Experience at 100% Satisfaction.

We are determined to treat every customer with passion and love. At LivingTaste we stand with our quality service, effective problem solving, and prompt responses, any time, any day.