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Premium Material:

Made of carbon fibre single lever forward tilt mechanism. A natural evolution of the range in order to delivers simplified ergonomic chair by using the most advanced technique and material.

Smart Ergonomic Design :
Spin curves morphing capture adjustment design that could track your spine movement to make sure your back and spine are always supported. Recline lumbar tracking system and back pressure sensor dynamic support are also applied on the gaming chair. Not only these, we also adopted 3D connective multi-function headrest, backrest height adjustable, single lever control, tilt tension adjustment, 4D armrest, seat angle adjustment and seat depth adjustment.

There are different pressure sensor with different size and shapes on our Genidia's backrest, when user lean on the back rest, the pressure sensor could move with the back movement and provides full support to back muscles. The unique design has greatly benefit your body by improve sitting gesture and provide you a more comfortable sitting experience by eliminate the muscle pain after sited all day.

Easy to Assemble:
Detailed English instruction is provided inside of the package. You can simply assemble it in 15-20mins by following the instructions.

Warranty Policy:
We offer five years warranty of our ergonomic office chair to provide you a peace of mind without worrying any defectives. If you have any concerns of your purchased product, please contact our customer service for more information.



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